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Snake Blog

Some photos and information on recent snake catching and relocation call outs.
8th Sept 2013 
Carpet Python on plant This beautiful carpet python thought he would try to imitate a garden ornament as he precariously balanced himself on this fragile piece of topiary at the front door. Needless to say the residents were not too impressed. He was gently coaxed into a bag and relocated to a more suitable piece of bushland to practice his balancing skills.
10th Sept 2013 
This pair of carpet pythons were in the throws of lovemaking on a patio roof in St Lucia. Weighing a combined weight of approximately 10 kg bagging the two romantics was somewhat challenging whilst balancing on a ladder! The home owners were excited and interested but not happy about their roof being the chosen location for the romantic interlude. Carpet Pythons are one of the first species to engage a reproductive season locally and their large size often sees them seen by the unsuspecting home owner. Carpet Pythons mating